the girl known as ryukilla. (ryukilla) wrote in minewaday,
the girl known as ryukilla.

A lj community goes down, a twitter fanbase is up

Tale of a Rabbit and a Turtle,
a new Minew fanbase on Twitter. 
Click on the banner to visit it and follow us =D

As you probably have noticed, I haven't been posting on minewaday. The truth is, I decided to close this community. It hurts my heart to do it, but I have my own reasons for doing it and I feel like it's time to move to other horizons LOL that's why I decided to try with a twitter fanbase. The fanbase is similar to minewaday, but with some significant changes. If you are part of that 90% give it a try.
To those who have been following minewaday, and have been enjoying my community... I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you. Thanks for accompanying me throughout these past years.
Tags: !goodbye
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